magnification loupes

mag·ni·fi·ca·tion loupes

(mag'ni-fi-kā'shŭn lūps)
Visual enlargement of the treatment area through surgical telescopes during dental or periodontal procedures.
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Change in posture: A case study of a dental hygienist's use of magnification loupes.
When Mr Stone, 27, discovered that students were unable to buy magnification loupes - a tool that helps dentists improve their posture and decrease their operating time - because of their cost, he set up UKloupes.
This new headlight is available in a clip-on style for attaching to eyeglass-type magnification loupes with the new lightweight disposable or washable terrycloth sweatband, which offers many hours of comfort.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Dental Orthodontic Kit,Dental Operating light and Magnification Loupes,Dental Dental X-Ray Unit,Dental Brushless Micromotor for Clinical Vltork,Dental Intraoral Camera,Dental Bleaching Unit with Tray Making Machine (Vacuum Former),Dental Portable Dental X-Ray,Dental Autoclave,Dental Deep Tissue/Diode Laser for Maxillofacial Pain Relief,Dental Examination Light (Very Focused Spot Light for Dental Examination),Ophthalmology Indirect Ophthalmoscope,Ophthalmology Automatic Lensometer/Focimeter,Ophthalmology Photoslit Lamp,Ophthalmology Surgeon s Chair (Motorized),Ophthalmology Rash Autoclave