magnification loupes

mag·ni·fi·ca·tion loupes

(mag'ni-fi-kā'shŭn lūps)
Visual enlargement of the treatment area through surgical telescopes during dental or periodontal procedures.
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Magnification loupes, head lamps and transilluminating devices along with operating microscope facilitate vision and are important adjunct in addressing perforations.
The aim of the present study was to compare the diagnostic potency of Dentaport ZX apex locator with vistascan mini plus digital radiograhs in determination of working length in vivo and correlate it with directly observed working length under 3.5x dental magnification loupes in vitro.
When Mr Stone, 27, discovered that students were unable to buy magnification loupes - a tool that helps dentists improve their posture and decrease their operating time - because of their cost, he set up UKloupes.
The type and duration of the operation was recorded, as well as whether it was emergency or elective surgery, whether it was a major or minor operation, and whether any special equipment such as drills or magnification loupes were used.
All of these procedures were performed using magnification loupes (4.3 X) with a headlight.
This new headlight is available in a clip-on style for attaching to eyeglass-type magnification loupes with the new lightweight disposable or washable terrycloth sweatband, which offers many hours of comfort.