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Device within a linear accelerator that serves as a microwave amplifier and oscillator.
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[magnet + -tron fr. electron]
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It was at auction the pair bought the Chester Magnetron building, which used to house a business repairing microwave ovens.
Tony, who hails from Prestatyn but has lived in Chester 15 years, explained the background: "I'd always noticed the old Magnetron building over the years and even though neglected, thought it had great potential to turn into a modern urban residential dwelling.
This study investigated the effect of oxygen flow rate on optical, mechanical, and electrical properties and the surface roughness of ITO thin films prepared by DC magnetron sputtering technique.
magnetron sputtering discharge under two distinct sputtering powers.
Targets used in magnetron sputtering process are ceramic ([In.sub.2][O.sub.3]-Sn[O.sub.2]) or metallic (In-Sn alloy) [18].
The variables in (2) were assigned as follows: [y.sub.(x)] is [Ad.sub.(p)] representing the diffraction angle for the (110) plane; [y.sub.i] is [Ad.sub.1] corresponding to the diffraction angle when the STO magnetron power is 120 W, [y.sub.f] is [Ad.sub.2], the diffraction angle with a BTO magnetron power = 120 W, x is P which represents the magnetron power values; c is [P.sub.0], the middle value indicated to be A = 1, and [alpha] is [DELTA]P which is the slope around [P.sub.0]; thus (2) is rewritten as follows:
For this reason most of the industrial research efforts are focused on improving operating performances of magnetron sputtering PVD type equipment, with special focus on analyzing the possibilities of optimization of PVD process parameters for industrial production, in accordance with the desired performance to be obtained for different product categories and their reproducibility for multiple manufacturing batches.
The System 2500 uses the firm's highly reliable water-cooled 6 kW microwave heads and Toshiba's 6 kW magnetron, with the heads and power supplies mounted on the oven frame, resulting in a compact package with minimum floor space requirements.
The cavity magnetron was invented in 1940 and Taffy Bowen took the prototype in a suitcase to the USA for them to manufacture for our use.
These films are RF magnetron sputtered-deposited onto glass substrates and are characterized with the use of XRD and Spectroscopic Ellipsometer.