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Attempted treatment of disease by application of magnets or induced magnetic fields.


An obsolete therapeutic modality of uncertain efficacy, consisting of the use of magnets to treat “ill humours”.


(mag-ne?to-ther'a-pe) [? + therapeia, treatment]
Application of magnets or magnetism in treating diseases.
Synonym: magnetic field therapy.

magnetotherapy (mag·neˈ·tō·theˑ·r·pē),

n the therapeutic application of magnetic fields.
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The latest methods ranging from neurodynamic mobilization of the radial nerve, to base-of-thumb splinting, to combining balneotherapy with magnetotherapy, and to leech therapy are greatly diverse and have demonstrated improved pain levels, stiffness, mobility, strength, and daily activities.
In parallel with physical therapy sessions, patients have followed procedures for physical therapy (ultrasound, shortwave, current interferential, magnetotherapy etc.
apparatus for physical therapy combined (ultrasound) - 2 units, apparatus for Myostimulation - 2 units, apparatus for UHF therapy - 1 unit, the unit for magnetic - 1 unit, the unit Magnetotherapy - 5 units, apparatus for darsonvalization - 2 units, gear Low-frequency electrotherapy - 2 units, apparatus for galvanization and electrophoresis - 3 units, laser scanning device channel - 1 unit, ultrasonic nebulizer - 2 units, cryotherapy device - 1 unit
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Next month, we'll discuss additional home treatments including aromatherapy, magnetotherapy, and dietary supplements.
A look at possible mechanism and potential of magnetotherapy.
DZP / 20/16 SUPPLY OF MEDICAL EQUIPMENT FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF REHABILITATION Task And Delivery devices for electrotherapy - 2 pcs, Task B Supply devices for magnetotherapy - 1 units, Task C Supply laser biostimulation - 2 pcs, Task D Delivery apparatus Cryotherapy - 1 pc , task E Delivery baths for body massage - 2 pcs.
It's well known that the frequency band f = 10Hz - 100Hz is used in the process of magnetotherapy.