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Ferrofluid is added to the working clearances between armature and magnetizers in the torque motor.
Additionally, Haymaker is used to punch the ball, while Magnetizer and Plunger are used to attract or grab the ball.
(7) Of the quotations Aspiz included, the following first appear in the 1842 Whitman editorial: "[s]ome seasons ago," "a devout disbeliever in the science of Animal Magnetism," "there is such a thing as Mesmeric sleep," and "strange things done by the subject at the will of the Magnetizer."
The solution consisted of a specially designed low friction MFL tool incorporating optimized sealing capabilities as well as a wheel-supported magnetizer. In addition, tailor-made procedures were implemented, including line preparation and close monitoring of the operational conditions during the run utilizing a pipeline data logger on the tool.
For example, if the tank has a volume equivalent to 60 square meters, Magnetizer device should be used for 1 hour per day.
Meanwhile, since there are very few flux lines which pass the magnetizer, the whole mover can be regarded as two independent modules with complementary magnetic circuit.
The material is magnetized with a post-press magnetizer, making the production process trouble free.
50, followed by the comment that she "was repeatedly held up as the ideal specimen of hysteria"; and, elsewhere, that hypnotism "create[d] an artificial world in which hysterical symptoms could be reproduced and transformed, a world in which the hysteric could be completely mastered" (62), then, several lines later, that it "create[d] an 'artificial' hysteric in whom doctors could reproduce symptoms at will [...]," and finally, on the next page, that "the hysteric was under the complete control of her magnetizer."
A personal 2007 Prius was fitted with a battery pack magnetized on a patented magnetizer, and a little extra electrolyte spiked with a para-magnetic ion was substituted for the original equipment.
Likewise, the anatomist and animal magnetizer, John Bonoit de Mainauduc, in Bloomsbury, had a considerable following amongst the wealthy classes who attended his lectures in London.
Granddam minor stakes winner, 4th at Gr3 level as 5-y-o, half-sister to tough stakes-winners Magnetizer and Golden Reserve (Gr2).