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pertaining to substances, such as iron, nickel, and cobalt, that are strongly affected by magnetism and may become magnetized by exposure to a magnetic field.


(fer″ō-mag-net′ik) [ ferro- + magnetic]
Pert. to a metal (e.g., cobalt, iron, nickel, and some alloys) capable of being magnetized when placed in a magnetic field.


Ferromagnetic materials are unsafe in magnetic resonance imaging environments.
ferromagnet (fer″ŏ-mag′nĕt) ferromagnetism (fer″ō-mag′nĕ-tizm)

ferromagnetic (fer´ōmagnet´ik),

adj pertaining to substances that exhibit unusually strong magnetic properties; ironlike substances.
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High-capacity removable magnetic storage now fulfills a broad range of user needs in both the commercial/business and consumer arenas," Amatruda said.
Even though optical storage media may satisfy the criteria for affordability and suitability, the storage capacity and data-transfer rate of optical media are substantially less than those of most magnetic storage media.
Iomega dominated the high end removable magnetic storage market and launched the new Jaz 2 drive in 1998.
The hybrid device promises to leverage the benefits of magnetic storage and solid state storage without compromising the cost of the computer housing it.
AdStaR develops and manufactures magnetic storage systems, subsystems and direct access storage devices (DASD) for a range of computers, from mainframes to notebooks.
Swift served as vice president and general manager at Cirrus Logic, where he managed, in succession, Cirrus' PC Products Division, Optical Storage Division and Magnetic Storage Division.
Since joining NEC in 1991, Brower has helped lead global optical and magnetic storage sales that have now surpassed the $4 Billion level.
As part of the agreement, SKC Limited, which produces polyester films and magnetic storage media, and SKC America, which markets Sunkyong Group products in the U.
Main areas of standardization include: Scripting and programming languages; Optical and Magnetic storage media; High-speed interconnects; Universal 3D format; Safety, Environmental, Acoustical and Electromagnetic product attributes; Enterprise and Proximity Communication and Networking; and File and Volume structures.
KOSS gives users a storage option designed to be less expensive than on-line magnetic storage, with faster access than traditional archival storage.
ADE Corporation (Nasdaq: ADEX), a leading supplier of production metrology and inspection systems for the silicon wafer, semiconductor device, magnetic storage and optics manufacturing industries, announced today that Company management will be participating in the 2004 North American Technology Conference, hosted by RBC Capital Markets, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Half Moon Bay, California.