magnetic resonance imaging scan

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan

A special radiological test that uses magnetic waves to create pictures of an area, including bones, muscles, and tendons.
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magnetic resonance imaging scan

; MRI scan non-ionizing imaging modality; body part under investigation is subjected to electromagnetic pulses (hydrogen ions and protons align and emit detectable radio waves), building a tissue 'picture' in 3- or 5-mm-wide sections
  • T1-weighted (T1-W) MRI fat-containing tissues show as white; water-containing tissues show as dark areas

  • T2-W MRI used to identify pathologies, e.g. chronic compartment syndrome, all types of tendon and ligament pathologies, soft-tissue and bone infections, neuromas, plantar plate rupture

Patient discussion about magnetic resonance imaging scan

Q. Anybody to tell me more about MRI scan? had an MRIscan and this has snown adenocarcinoma of endometrium early stage There is no lymphatic involvement but is it possible an MRIscan to miss some tumor?

A. MRI is a very effective machine but it has it's limits. it has a great resolution but will not see very small tumors. therefore- it can miss metastasis sometime. but if your adenocarcinoma is in early stage- it might not sent metastasis. they did a biopsy? that can give you some idea what to expect.

Q. Can I have a MRI of the knee if I have hemostatic clips in the brain?(also called aneurysm clips)?

A. How about a CAT scan of the knee?, I wonder if it would be an appropriate diagnostic tool, I suspect problems with a lateral meniscus.

Q. i lost a lot of hearing in my ears a couple of years ago,and i had a mri done,the mri said i had ETD, the ETD caused my eushation tube to close,its very uncomfortable,i dont feel the wind or air in my ears no more,i also feel fluid behind my ear drum,i lost a lot of inner hearing,its hard to hear my own voice,and nothing sounds clear,i also feel presser behind my ear drum from the fluid,i went to several doctors for this and i tryed medican and nothing worked,i tryed steriods for the influmation in my ears,that didnt work,i asked many doctors to drain my ears and give me venteling tubes,no doctor will do it,is there anyone out there that has the same ear problem that i do,and the doctors wont give them the tubes?why are the doctors not puting tubes in ears anymore?is it just me.or is everyone getting turned down for the tubes in there ears?i just feel so alone in this does anyone have the same problem and if they do could you share your experence,it would be nice to talk to someone that has the ETD ear problem like me,im in content discomfort,and i dont understand why nobody will help.

A. from some reason it did not upload the it is:

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DOCTORS do a Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan if they suspect a brain tumour.
If Jones is concerned with patient access to services, he should look at the red tape that hinders us, eg a patient seen at the hospital, referred back to the GP for follow-up with the recommendation of a magnetic resonance imaging scan.
His only option was to fork out pounds 2500 of his own cash to pay for of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan.
The tumor, discovered during a magnetic resonance imaging scan (MRI) Thursday, is located in the right temporal lobe.
A magnetic resonance imaging scan of the right lower leg showed a modest fluid collection in the soft tissues between the calcaneus and fascia plantaris, but no signs of osteomyelitis.
In 2013 alone, an estimated 97 million prior authorization requests were made for medical imaging services such as computed tomography scans (CT scans), magnetic resonance imaging scans (MRIs), medical ultrasonography and more.
Additionally, the new Biotronik device family features ProMRI full-body scan in the single and dual-chamber pacemakers, and ProMRI capability in the cardiac resynchronization therapy devices, enabling patients to undergo crucial magnetic resonance imaging scans on nearly every part of the body.
He and his colleagues took magnetic resonance imaging scans of 28 men and nine women who played amateur soccer.
The data focused on procedures such as wound care, biopsies, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging scans and visits to clinics.
Some went on--unnecessarily--to computed tomography (CT) scans, upper oesophagoscopy (in a colleague complaining of dysphagia), lung function testing, bronchoscopy, tissue biopsy (of pleura, lymph node and lung), magnetic resonance imaging scans and CT angiograms, and ran into complications following invasive tests.
The children were shown 60 food logos and 60 non-food logos, and functional magnetic resonance imaging scans indicated which sections of the brain reacted to the familiar logos being shown.
Attempts have been made to use magnetic resonance imaging scans as lie detectors or to demonstrate mental health problems in more than 90 capital punishment cases in the US.

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