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(fer″ō-mag-net′ik) [ ferro- + magnetic]
Pert. to a metal (e.g., cobalt, iron, nickel, and some alloys) capable of being magnetized when placed in a magnetic field.


Ferromagnetic materials are unsafe in magnetic resonance imaging environments.
ferromagnet (fer″ŏ-mag′nĕt) ferromagnetism (fer″ō-mag′nĕ-tizm)
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Compared with the conventional technology that stores magnetic data on a horizontal plane of the HD media, the latest technology of SDK enables vertical magnetic recording. This enables a dramatic increase in recording density, at a time when the conventional technology is now reaching its limit in terms of recording density.
A major milestone in the advancement of magnetic recording for data storage came in 1989 with the introduction of the first DLTtape drive.
As the largest independent HD media supplier, SDK aims to quickly launch top-quality media based on innovative technologies, including MAMR and Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR).
"While enterprise server and storage customers realise that shingled magnetic recording (SMR) technology can improve HDD capacity, the adoption of SMR HDD products into server and storage systems is a transition that will take several years,
Especially, the driving of skyrmion by SW indicates the possibility of photon-assisted magnetic recording with nanoskyrmions as the record media.
The sample was a perpendicular high-density magnetic recording medium (CoCrPt).
Mosendz et al., "Review Article: FePt heat assisted magnetic recording media," Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B: Nanotechnology and Microelectronics, vol.
Magnetic recording media are composed of magnetic thin films consisting of magnetically isolated crystallites [1-6].
These include strain layer properties of high-electron-mobility transistors and the critical dimension of heat-sink magnetic recording devices, which have a highly polished surface easily damaged by static electricity introduced by SEM studies.
The agreement also allows for joint research in new technology projects in the areas of cold storage, big data analysis and shingled magnetic recording. Big data analysis is the process of examining large amounts of various types of data to find useful information and patterns to assist in decision making.
Sadeghian's presentation was titled "Detector for Two-Dimensional Magnetic Recording." Her research involves synchronization and detection for two-dimensional magnetic recording, a new technology for super high density data storage.
In this paper, electromagnetic problems for nanoscale antennas are investigated by a boundary integral equation method with fast inverse Laplace transform (BIEM-FILT) [3,4]; novel antennas are designed to realize ultra-fast and high-density magnetic recording using localized circularly polarized light [5-8].

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