magnetic field gradient

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mag·net·ic field gra·di·ent

in magnetic resonance imaging, a magnetic field that varies with location, superimposed on the uniform field of the magnet, to alter the resonant frequency of nuclei and allow calculation of their spatial position.
Synonym(s): field gradient
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Axial gradient of the magnetic field gradient (dB/dL) at the wall of the channel, which caused oxygen transfer towards the pellet surface was equal to 1.
The effect is based on transfer of paramagnetic oxygen towards the gradient caused by the magnetic field gradient.
From the earlier equation for magnetization, the magnetic attractive force acting on a particle is the product of the particle magnetization and the magnetic field gradient and can be expressed as:
Where Fm is the magnetic attractive force, and dH/dx is the magnetic field gradient.
The tumor-targeting technology platform is based on the use of external magnetic field gradients, generated by small permanent magnets that cause the therapeutic, tied to magnetic nanoparticles, to collect at a tumor site, whether primary or metastatic.
The Company's use of arrays of small permanent magnets that shape and focus the magnetic field gradients, with the capacity to target both superficial and deeper-seated visceral tumors, whether primary or metastatic, offers the potential for individual “design” for a personalized treatment approach.
An image is obtained using a series of radio waves and magnetic field gradients.
An MRI sequence is an MRI technique used to highlight a particular feature or function, and involves a series of applied magnetic field gradients and radio waves.
Chairman of Holcomb Healthcare and an assistant professor at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, is the named inventor on a patent covering a unique arrangement of magnets to generate magnetic field gradients that block pain signals from reaching the brain, providing pain relief.
Because the optical pumping cells are located fairly far off the axis of the holding field coils, the relaxation time in the absence of the discharge is dominated by magnetic field gradients.
The absence of any pressure dependence in the relaxation time for our typical range of storage cell pressures (35 kPa to 100 kPa) also indicates that relaxation due to magnetic field gradients [25] is negligible.
I have dedicated a significant part of my career to find a uniquely effective way to use magnetic field gradients to bring relief from pain.