Magnetic Stripe

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An electromagnetic surface that is either coded—e.g., credit or ID card—or codable—e.g., a rechargeable phone card with a small amount of information
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Some deep-pocketed owners may choose to use magnetic cards, cameras and more.
The EMV movement refers to the bankcards transformation from the magnetic cards to the integrated circuit (short for IC) cards by adopting safer and more functional smart IC cards to substitute the magnetic cards.
Supply of fuel for 26-ton truck-type vehicles with flow-through or magnetic cards.
Tenders are invited for Supplies vouchers or magnetic cards
Contactless ticketing systems can also reduce overall system maintenance costs associated with electrical mechanisms used to read magnetic cards, offering an additional incentive for transit operators to switch from magnetic stripe ticketing to smart cards.
Contract award notice: supply of fuel for vehicles, machinery and equipment via magnetic cards.
Its safety is higher than magnetic cards as it effectively prevents transactions with false or counterfeit cards and safeguards the funds of the cardholder.
Contract notice: Supply of fuel for vehicles, machinery and equipment via magnetic cards.
Contract notice: Fuel supply by means of magnetic cards.
Providing an easier interface for the consumer by transmitting purchased power to the meter without the need for magnetic cards.
Contract award notice: fuel acquisition by magnetic cards.
Contract notice: Fuel Supply Flow-Through Magnetic Cards For Municipal Vehicles.