magnetic attraction

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mag·net·ic at·trac·tion

the force that draws iron or steel toward a magnet.
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Sposib magnitno impul'snogo prytjagannja metalevyh ob'jektiv odnovytkovoju induktornoju systemoju z tonkym ekranom [Method of pulsed magnetic attraction of metal objects by single-turn inductor system with thin screen].
The headphones come in a magnetic attraction design; keep them plugged to your ears or hang them around your neck.
They are well aware of this metamorphosis of children; their near magnetic attraction to wards prominent brands.
The magnetic attraction between the beads keeps them joined when the lower esophageal sphincter is at rest.
When the swallow, vomit or belching mechanism is initiated, the peristaltic pressure overcomes the magnetic attraction and the sphincter opens to allow passage of food and gas.
As the storm traps them together in Claudie's cabin, both women grapple with a magnetic attraction. But once the storm passes, the women are left wondering how to proceed with their relationship.
The magnetic attraction between the beads augments the existing esophageal sphincter's barrier function to prevent reflux.
When the external magnetic field applied, magnetic attraction becomes the most important of all, and the general applied force between particles is attraction.
Caption: MAGNETIC ATTRACTION RPAYC skippers, crew and supporters at SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week 2015; Last year's IRC and Performance division winner.
Fans generate the atmosphere, the passion, the noise and the colour that makes football a magnetic attraction to their armchair audience.
Dubai: At the 3rd edition of Market Outside The Box (OTB) in Burj Park, a magnetic attraction of the Dubai Shopping Festival, food trucks have become a mainstay so people can enjoy shopping and then delight in savouring freshly prepared food in a relaxing ambience.