magnetic attraction

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mag·net·ic at·trac·tion

the force that draws iron or steel toward a magnet.
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The magnetic attraction is still strong enough to hold the water to the polymer.
The Ipswich kit man dislocated his shoulder, twice, ferrying the skips in an ancient van, which had a magnetic attraction to roadside ditches.
Considering the magnetic attraction even a visiting cruise liner brings, it must be a priority to repay the check-mate pounds 10m Euro grant, leaving this port free to serve the burgeoning market with its attendant employment, finance and trade benefits.
And while the exhibition in the Rietveld building offers a multi-faceted and penetrating view of Van Gogh as letter-writer and artist, history fashionistas can drool over treasures never before seen outside Russia at another magnetic attraction.
this pair seem to hold a magnetic attraction for each other.
The topics of the first week will cover magnetic attraction, energy & motion, Kitchen Chemistry, space frontiers, wiggly world of worms, digging for dinosaurs and shapes and structures.
products and processes can be improved quickly--externally through customer feedback and internally through the rapid spread and magnetic attraction of good ideas
An immediate application of the magnetic attraction between anti-parallel spin electrons is in the energy levels of atoms.
The system uses magnetic attraction to hold large format graphic display panels in place.
For some magnetic attraction, the Mysterious Magnets kit is full of exciting experiments such as making a magnetic mucus monster, driving a car without touching it, creating hair-raisingly funny faces and exploring loony-levitation.
Columbus Avenue has been a prominent retail center for decades, but our goal now is to draw people who come because of its magnetic attraction, and entice them to stay and enjoy all its many benefits," said Adler.
With no concept how to survive in the wilderness, Jennifer is completely dependent on Manuel and the two survivors kindle a magnetic attraction.