magnetic attraction

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mag·net·ic at·trac·tion

the force that draws iron or steel toward a magnet.
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The magnetic attraction between the beads maintains the sphincter barrier.
When the external magnetic field applied, magnetic attraction becomes the most important of all, and the general applied force between particles is attraction.
Fans generate the atmosphere, the passion, the noise and the colour that makes football a magnetic attraction to their armchair audience.
Dubai: At the 3rd edition of Market Outside The Box (OTB) in Burj Park, a magnetic attraction of the Dubai Shopping Festival, food trucks have become a mainstay so people can enjoy shopping and then delight in savouring freshly prepared food in a relaxing ambience.
But there is no sign TV's hottest entertainers will suddenly lose a magnetic attraction which means years more enjoyment for viewers.
It helps people survive precarious circumstances and weather this very beautiful, but very dysfunctional country's magnetic attraction to problems.
Visitors are drawn in by the seemingly magnetic attraction of the funnel-shaped entrance to the winding 'ramp', enveloped by soaring walls -- neither dunes nor narrow traditional streets -- but suggestive of both.
Greatly diminish the magnetic attraction around the magnets.
ese points denitely provided food for thought and I think above everything the panellists gave hope to the businesses attending, for if it is a yes for independence then there are opportunities to forge strong alliances with the region which could even counteract the magnetic attraction to London and the south.
The magnetic attraction of colorful and active video images is difficult for anyone to resist.
A CANAL'S magnetic attraction to cars has continued with another one ending up in the water.
Bartley Green reservoir holds a magnetic attraction from the bridge, and then with a hop and a skip you are surrounded by fields.