magnesium peroxide

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mag·ne·si·um pe·rox·ide

an ingredient in dentrifices and in antiseptic dusting powder; decomposes in water to hydrogen peroxide.
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[H.sub.2][O.sub.2] Sodium perborate [NaBO.sub.3] More stability Antiseptic/ compared to other disinfectant peroxides due to the presence of peroxygen bonds Detergent ingredient Eye drop ingredient Calcium peroxide [CaO.sub.2] Causes irritation Rice treatment to mucous membrane, eyes and skin on exposure Water treatment Magnesium peroxide Causes irritation Bleaching [MgO.sub.2] to mucous membrane, skin and eyes.
Results for zinc peroxide and magnesium peroxide based coatings have not been included because the measured hydrogen peroxide concentrations were too low for detection and did not deviate over time.
* Solvay Chemicals, Inc., Houston, TX, is offering "Focusing on Consumer Products," an eight-page brochure that reviews consumer product applications for hydrogen peroxide, caprolactones, polyglycerols, calcium and magnesium peroxides, precipitated calcium carbonate, soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, sodium percarbonate, sodium fluoride and sulfites.