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mag·ne·si·um ox·ide

an antacid and laxative.
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(mag-ne'sh-a, 'zha) [L. magnesia, fr Gr. magnesia (lithos), the (stone) from Magnesia, a region of ancient Thessaly]
MgO, magnesium oxide.

calcined magnesia

Magnesium oxide.

light magnesia

Magnesium oxide.
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In another incubation study, Heming and Hollis (1995) found that the rate of dissolution of Mg fertilisers added to 5 soils from the south of England (pH 6.2-8.2) was in the sequence: kieserite granules (1-3 mm) [is greater than] calcined magnesite powder ([is less than] 1 mm) [is greater than] calcined magnesite granules (1-3 mm) [is greater than] magnesian limestone (65% [is less than] 1.5 mm and 35% [is less than] 150 [micro]m).
the sea current of up to two knots which Admiralty Chart 1556 shows, or used to show,(11) running south along the Magnesian coast and turning into the straits of Trikeri.(12) We may thus take it that in the area under consideration land, sea, and weather were much the same in Xerxes' day as they are now, and I hope to show that Herodotus' account is consistent with such a state.
140 (a play by Theognis at Athens is enough to account for the freezing of rivers in Thrace)'.(4) The idea is seen as well in Plutarch's Life of Alexander (III.3), when Hegesias the Magnesian makes a an obtuse comment regarding the coincidence of Alexander's birth and the fire at the temple of Ephesian Artemis.
Since the ore was found near the Asia Minor city of Magnesia, it came to be called the Magnesian stone, or in English, a magnet, and the phenomenon was magnetism.
Whereas the continental massifs are old (billions of years, on average), thick, and composed of silica-rich rocks such as granites and andesite, the oceanic crust is young, thin, and composed of silica-poor magnesian lavas such as basalt.
The crater had been created by nearly 200 years of quarrying magnesian limestone from a site which is now adjacent to the busy Broadway main road from Tynemouth to Whitley Bay.
Zhang, "Geology and genesis of the Hehuaping magnesian skarn-type cassiterite-sulfide deposit, Hunan Province, Southern China," Ore Geology Reviews, vol.
[15] Volodchenko, A.N., 2011 Some specific features of interaction of magnesian clay with calcium hydroxide when new materials are synthesized and a microstructure is formed.
In addition, Wushan granodiorite biotites are magnesian, which also supports an I-type granite classification for this intrusion.
On a plot of Fe[O.sup.t]/Fe[O.sup.t] + MgO ratio against Si[O.sub.2], the granitic, syenitic, and metarhyolite samples all plot in the ferroan and A-type granite fields, although the granitic samples tend to have lower Fe[O.sup.t]/Fe[O.sup.t] + MgO ratios and some cross into the magnesian granite field of Frost et al.
It occurs as the result of low temperature solutions precipitating gold, silver and sulphide minerals in limey, magnesian and carbonaceous sediments, which have first been made porous by acid solutions emanating from nearly intrusions and fragmentation from fault activity.