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mag·ne·si·um ox·ide

an antacid and laxative.
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(mag-ne'sh-a, 'zha) [L. magnesia, fr Gr. magnesia (lithos), the (stone) from Magnesia, a region of ancient Thessaly]
MgO, magnesium oxide.

calcined magnesia

Magnesium oxide.

light magnesia

Magnesium oxide.
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This report provides detailed historical analysis of global market for Electrical Grade Fused Magnesia from 2013-2018, and provides extensive market forecasts from 2019-2028 by region/country and subsectors.
Reference mixes containing only magnesia were used to determine effects of the alkali activator type on the hydration process.
Figure 1 shows the compressive strength values of different magnesium oxide contents in the case of using high-activity magnesia; Figure 2 is the compressive strength of different water-cement ratios in the carbon block.
The territory around Magnesia was extremely fertile, and produced excellent wine, figs, and cucumbers.
Section 2 describes the smelting process of arm-type electro-fused magnesia furnace and analyses the control difficulties.
The test work has the aim of outlining the process design to deliver magnesia grading >95% MgO and
Alireza Bagheri MD of the country's sole magnesia producer, Iranian Refractories Procurement and Production Company said that "Because of Iran's expansion program in steel production from the existing 12 million ton per annum to 35 million ton per annum in 2016, the refractory market will have dramatic growth which will cause increasing demand for DBM."
We've heard that milk of magnesia is an effective and economical underarm deodorant.
Benadryl) with a teaspoon of milk of magnesia or other liquid antacid.
The magnesia industry is rarely more than a footnote in treatments of the much larger lime industry of which it is part, says Shand, who is with an Ohio chemical company.
Magnesium is named after Magnesia, a region in Thessaly,--.
Sit in at Magnesia Jordan*In protest at the redundancy of 100 laborers at the Magnesia Jordan Co., a number of the company's employees and workers held a sit in at the company's premises in Ghor Al Safi.