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n in dentistry, a device of various configuration and composition used with a syringe for the application of anesthetic or other materials to a patient.
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In addition to seeing the ReMix ad running in multiple magazines, consumers also received outreach materials from the local partners, including magazine recycling information that was stamped on 37,000 Prince George's County employee pay stubs and ReMix magnets sent to 250,000 Boston households.
And if that's not enough food for thought, many magazines -- Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Southern Living and Cooking Light, to name a few -- continue to publish annual cookbooks with the year's best magazine recipes.
Rooks concludes her study by briefly discussing Essence magazine, long considered the first African American women's magazine, and O, Oprah Winfrey's magazine.
Load a magazine like it shows on Page 0008 00-23 in TM 9-1005-319-10:
An adjunct to the magazine is the Citrus Expo, held annually since 1992 in Ft.
Powell and Bonnet launched Brides Noir with less than $100,000, but it can cost a lot more to get a magazine off the ground.
Creating the Modem Man: American Magazines and Consumer Culture 1900-1950.
But while the solution is simple, implementing it is not, since neither the invisible hand of the market nor government regulations have driven magazine publishers toward paper with recycled content.
In 1966, the "s" was dropped from Modern Castings and the magazine became simply modern casting, as it is known today.
But in attacking everything, the magazine has grown confused.
And it's the only magazine with no recipes or decorating tips.
It is such issues, plus the concern about an impending "timber famine" and the need to plant trees following harvest, that dominated the content of the early issues of the magazine.