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Determination of maduramicin in feedingstuffs and premixtures by liquid chromatography: development, validation, and interlaboratory study.
Validation of the procedure for the determination of maduramicin in concentrates, premixes and feeds by liquid chromatography.
11 substances are concerned: Lasalocid sodium, Narasin, Salinomycin sodium, Monensin sodium, Semduramicin, Maduramicin, Robenidine, Decoquinate, Halofuginone, Nicarbazin, and Diclazuril.
Efficacy of semduramicin (25 ppm), salinomycin (60 ppm) and maduramicin (5ppm) was compared in broilers exposed to a mixture of Eimeria acervulina, E.
Semduramicin was dosed at 25 ppm, salinomycin at 60 ppm and maduramicin at 5 ppm into the feed provided to each experimental group from day 0 to 44th.
Weight gain of chicks that received 25 ppm of semduramicin was comparable to those that received 60 ppm of salinomycin or 5 ppm of maduramicin, and significantly better than those of nonmedicated-infected group.
There was no significant difference in control of lesion scores between semduramicin and maduramicin groups.
There were no clinical signs and mortality in the groups treated with semduramicin and maduramicin, but groups treated with salinomycin shows high signs of the coccidial disease.
Different results are registered with maduramicin in other researches carried out [3,13] where birds that were treated with the drug showed some signs of coccidiosis.
tenella: sensitivity to diclazuril, maduramicin, narasin, salinomycin and a mixture of nicarbazin/narasin.