madura foot

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A chronic infection involving the subcutaneous tissue, skin, and contiguous bone; characterized by the formation of localized lesions with tumefactions and multiple draining sinuses. The exudate contains granules that may be yellow, white, red, brown, or black, depending on the causative agent. Mycetoma is caused by two principal groups of microorganisms: 1) actinomycetoma is caused by actinomycetes, including species of Streptomyces, Actinomadurae, and Nocardia, 2) eumycetoma is caused by true fungi, including species of Madurella, Exophiala, Pseudallescheria, Curvularia, Neotestudina, Pyrenochaeta, Aspergillus, Leptosphaeria, Plemodomus, Polycytella, Fusarium, Phialophora, Corynespora, Cylindrocarpon, Pseudo-chaetosphaeronema, Bipolaris, and Acremonium. Synonym(s): Madura boil, Madura foot, maduromycosis
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madura foot

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Sir George, English physician, 1780-1855.
Ballingall disease - Synonym(s): Madura foot


a district in India where the condition was first described in 1842.
Madura foot - infectious fungal disease localized predominantly in the foot, having discharge from the exposed area. Synonym(s): Ballingall disease; maduromycosis
maduromycosis - Synonym(s): Madura foot
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