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William J., English surgeon, 1810-1894. See: Little disease.
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In his clerical dress there was indeed something in him to suggest the tar-barrel; and though on principle he gave five hundred lines to any boy on whose lips he overheard his nickname, at dinner-parties in the precincts he often made little jokes about it.
He found himself upon the opposite of the river to that at which he had entered the stream, but as his quarry was upon the bosom of the water it made little difference to the ape-man upon which side he took up the pursuit.
She made little corset covers and chemises of fine but fairly inexpensive lawns, and, with simple flowered designs and perfect laundering, her nightgowns were always sweetly fresh and dainty.
The warm wind lifted up her shining hair and softly kissed her cheek, while the sunbeams, looking most kindly in her face, made little rainbows in her tears, and lingered lovingly about her.
Aduana Stars' second half dominance made little impact on the scoreline as their attack was ineffective.
I bought a mat to go underneath but this has made little difference.
Negotiations to reopen the government, which shutdown over the weekend, appear to have made little headway according to media reports.
Judging by Israel's reticent responses to the continuing violence along the Gaza border, the essence of the Victory concept appears to have made little inroads into the thinking of Israeli policy-makersaand even less into their consequent actions.
Billy De Kid made little impact as a hurdler but he is making a better fist of chasing, with the six-year-old getting off the mark on his most recent start when scoring on his fourth attempt over fences at Clonmel two weeks ago.
After the rejection of the bail on Monday, the two officers escaped from the premises of the SHC and NAB officials made little effort to arrest them.
Facebook Inc's employees are still mainly white or Asian males as the world's largest social network made little progress in hiring a more diverse talent pool over the past year, it said on Thursday.
But SNP councillor Stephen Smith said it made little sense to refurbish the prison - because it is being demolished next year.