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That which produces an effect or condition; that by which a morbid change or disease is brought about.
[L. causa]
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Law & medicine That which creates a condition or results in an effect. See Immediate cause of death, Necessary cause, Proximate cause, Sufficient cause, Underlying cause of death.
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Patient discussion about cause

Q. What Causes Dizziness? My husband is 55 years old. Lately he's been experiencing dizziness when he gets up from sitting for a while. What could be the cause?

A. We often feel dizzy when we are very tired, however real dizziness could indicate on a variety of problems: neurological, cardiovascular (for instance low blood pressure), nutritional (for example lack of glucose), dehydration and more. When someone complains about experiencing dizziness when getting up from sitting or lying down, the cause is usually a sudden drop in blood pressure (called orthostatic hypotension).

Q. What causes dizziness? I’m a 55 years old woman with 2 children, and in the last few weeks I have a feeling of dizziness every time I stand up from my bed. What cause this feeling? Does it mean I have some serious thing? I also have hypertension and diabetes that are usually stable.

A. If this feeling appears solely on standing up, it maybe related to drugs you take to treat your hypertension (It’s called “orthostatic hypertension”). You should report this to your doctor and maybe changing your treatment can make this feeling disappear.

Q. What causes asthma? My 5 year old son has trouble breathing sometimes after he runs around too much. My friend suggested he might have asthma. What causes this disease?

A. Another consideration is that food sensitivities can exacerbate asthma.

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Saleh, who had made common cause with the Houthis after they captured the capital Sanaa in 2014, switched sides in an announcement last week that plunged the country deeper into turmoil.
Saleh, who dominated Yemen's heavily armed tribal society for 33 years before quitting in the aftermath of the Arab Spring uprisings in 2011, and the Shi'ite Muslim Houthis had made common cause against Hadi loyalists.
'Parvenues and painters, critics and custodians, curators and coalmen made common cause against this genius who until then had given them all exactly what they wanted [...] The real crime he has committed is that one so marvellously understood by Ibsen: the destruction of our life illusions.
But it has made common cause with Progress, a group associated with the Blairites who controlled Labour for much of the 1990s and 2000s, and Progress Director Richard Angell also spoke at the Labour First rally.
But it has made common cause with Progress, a group associated with the Blairites who controlled Labour for much of the 1990s and 2000s, and Progress Director Richard Angell also spoke at the Labour First rally, Writing in a daily conference briefing email to Labour First members, Mr Akehurst said Momentum had "denied members the chance to vote on Labour's position on Brexit".
They made common cause with Paresh Baruah of United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA), which has been desperately trying to ramp up its funds flow.
India and Africa made common cause in terms of declaratory and practical support to each other in this context.
They had made common cause as video journalists." The division of Yugoslavia is the worst thing that happened to us, we should have been one people" they would tell me later.
They are well aware that both the Republicans in the deeply divided Congress, and the Israelis, have made common cause to harm to the Democratic administration and derail one of its key initiatives.
He is poised to face off against incumbent Moncef Marzouki, a secular politician who has made common cause with the hardliners against what he says is an attempt at a comeback by former loyalists of the regime overthrown in 2011.
In Benghazi to the east regular army and air force units have made common cause with the renegade general Khalifa Hiftar, pounding the bases of Islamic militants.
That skepticism that turned to outright fear in the early years of the war, when the Soviets made common cause with the Third Reich, leaving Britain to stand alone.