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Dermatological examination revealed gray macules with erythematous borders on the chest and proximal aspect of the arms and legs.
Most frequently seen in the hard palate, where it appears as a brown to black macule with irregular borders (21).
Forewing broader than on male, pointed apically but more rounded than on male, termen slightly curved, anal margin nearly straight, black; 3 aligned translucent macules lightly scaled with white angled from mid-costa toward just basad of tornus, broadest macule in discal cell, trapezoidal (narrowest cephalad) extending distad just beyond origin of [CuA.
One to three hypopigmented macules from 1 to 5cm in size with sensory changes and with [+ or -] nerve thickening were diagnosed as indeterminate leprosy.
Natural infestation gave rise to macules frequently associated with the comet sign.
The clinical diagnosis of piebaldism is straightforward based on the presence of a white forelock in the frontal region, the appearance of depigmented macules since birth that stay relatively stable, and the presence of a similar pattern of depigmented macules in other family members.
To start with, an asymptomatic hyper pigmented macule was noted on the right thigh.
After a 3-to 10-day incubation period, a macule or a papule occurs, and then this lesion turns into a nodule.
The skin where the specimens were taken was: diffuse infiltration 36, apparently normal with dysesthesia 3, atrophic 2, hypocromic macule 1, erythematous macule 2, no information 9.
66% of cases had a red zone around the pigmented macule, 16.
Some inherited (and sporadic) lentiginoses such as a labial melanotic macule (J.
A KA--which may be asymptomatic, slightly tender, or pruritic--initially forms as a small red macule and then evolves into a rapidly-growing (over 2-8 weeks) firm papule with scale.