drusen of the macula

(redirected from macular drusen)

dru·sen of the mac·u·la

excrescences of Bruch membrane that produce a window in the retinal pigment epithelium and are a feature of age-related macular retinal degeneration.
Synonym(s): macular drusen
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Risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration in Eyes with Macular Drusen or Hyperpigmentation: The Blue Mountains Eye Study Cohort.
Its scanning laser ophthalmoscope technology captures detailed confocal images of the retina so precise that structures commonly missed by fundus cameras, such as macular drusen and holes, are visualised.
1) It is characterised by macular drusen, which can have various compositions but is essentially localised deposits of lipofuscin between the RPE and Bruch's membrane.
5 and there was a further improvement to 6/61 when she was reviewed again in March 2011; there was a corresponding reduction in macular drusen too, as shown in Figure 6.

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