follicular stigma

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1. any mental or physical mark or peculiarity which aids in the identification or in the diagnosis of a condition.
2. a mark, spot, or pore on the surface of an organ or organism.
4. in botany, the uppermost part of a pistil, which secretes a moist, sticky substance to trap and hold the pollen that reaches it.
5. an eyespot of chromatophore-bearing protozoa, such as certain euglenoids, comprising a dark pigmented mass that functions in light detection by shielding the photoreceptor cells from specific wavelengths.
6. a distinguishing personal trait that is perceived as or actually is physically, socially, or psychologically disadvantageous.
7. in the plural, gill slits around the pharynx in urochordates, through which pass respiratory and feeding currents.
8. in the plural, purpuric or hemorrhagic lesions of the hands and/or feet, which resemble crucifixion wounds. adj., adj stigmat´ic, stig´mal.
follicular stigma a spot on the surface of an ovary where the vesicular ovarian follicle will rupture and permit passage of the ovum during ovulation. Called also macula folliculi.
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fol·lic·u·lar stig·ma

the blanched spot where the graafian follicle is about to rupture on the surface of the ovary.
Synonym(s): macula pellucida, stigma (2)
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fol·lic·u·lar stig·ma

(fŏ-lik'yū-lăr stig'mă)
The point where the ovarian follicle is about to rupture on the surface of the ovary.
Synonym(s): stigma (2) .
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