abnormal largeness of the penis; called also macrophallus and megalopenis.


An abnormally large penis.
Synonym(s): macrophallus


A very large penis; 95% of adult males fall within the interval 10.7 cm/4.23 in and 19.1 cm/7.53 in
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Pubic and axillary hairs were in stage 2-3 of puberty with macrophallus.
2009) found high parasite load by Proteocephalus macrophallus (Diesing, 1850) Scholz, Chambrier, Prouza and Royero 1996 and P.
Cestode species identified as Proteocephalus macrophallus (Diesing, 1850) Scholz, de Chambrier, Prouza and Royero 1996 and Proteocephalus microscopicus Woodland, 1935, were found during the whole period with total prevalence rate 83.
macrophallus in high prevalence and intensity of infection.