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A large molecule composed of thousands of atoms.
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macromolecules (maˈ·krō·mˑ·l·kyōōlz), large molecules that are made up of many repeating units.
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Today, IBM Research (NYSE: IBM) and Singapore's Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) announced that they have identified a new breakthrough macromolecule that could help prevent deadly virus infections with a unique triple-play mechanism that can also help prevent viral drug resistance.
By using different sugars attached to the macromolecule in solution, the scientists were able to investigate which sugar molecules were the most effective in inhibiting the potential binding of the virus.
This is a kit containing an inquiry lab that teaches macromolecules and applies it to enzymes.
Our work provides a new solution to one of the key challenges in the use of macromolecules as research tools or human therapeutics: how to rapidly generate proteins or nucleic acids with desired properties.
An increasingly important area of polymer science is the preparation of macromolecules with controlled and functional architecture.
A manuscript describing optimization of the method has been accepted by Macromolecules.
Currently, when performed on earth, macromolecule crystallization is a labor-intensive, lengthy process that requires significant consumption of expensive macromolecules and reagents.
The three-dimensional structures of proteins and other biological macromolecules contained in the PDB hold significant promise for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in the search for new drugs with few or no side effects and the effort to understand the mystery of human disease.
These macromolecules are usually very effective when they can get to the disease site.
Objective: "We use computational and analytical methods to study the factors that determine charge state of macromolecules in droplet, gaseous and bulk environments and the relation of the charge state to the conformations of the macromolecules.
Macromolecules represent the third largest category of cosmetic ingredients.