macromolecular chemistry

mac·ro·mo·lec·u·lar chem·is·try

the chemistry of natural macromolecules (for example, proteins, nucleic acids) and of polymers (for example, nylon, polyethylene).
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In 2003, she spent a further year at Universite Haute-Alsace Mulhouse-Colmar, where she studied organic chemistry and macromolecular chemistry, before rounding out her academia with several years of research in organic chemistry the Universitat de Barcelona.
0; new materials and lightweight engineering, as well as on scientific training in macromolecular chemistry and plastics technology.
Objective: The SupraChem Lab Project aims to set up a competitive research group in the field of hybrid materials for adaptive selforganized supramolecular structures, in Petru Poni Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry - IntelCentre, Iasi, Romania.
Wen's presentation showcased a micro-hardness testing methodology developed by Axalta in collaboration with the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (IMC Prague).
Polymer crystallography is an essential part of materials science, and important in physics, chemistry, and engineering, say De Rosa and Auriemma (both industrial and macromolecular chemistry, U.
Professor Schuster has been a lecturer at the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, University of Hanover, Germany, since 1987, and a professor at the university since April 1996.
de and Werner Mormann Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry University of Siegen Germany mormann@chemie.
Ciolacu (Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Romania) and Popa (Technical U.
This offers enormous opportunities but also requires open and intensive communication, an aspect that was a great success in the project preparation phase," said Professor Walter Leitner, executive director of the Institute of Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry (ITMC) at RWTH Aachen University.
His research interests span the areas of synthetic main group and macromolecular chemistry.
and the Institute for Technical Chemistry and Macromolecular Chemistry, Aachen, Germany, have devised a possible solution with a new, portable NMR-based sensor.