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a chemical element that has a minimal daily requirement greater than 100 mg; calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and chloride are macroelements.
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Macromineral requirements have received consideration because any excess or deficiency in one element interferes in the utilization of another, resulting in impaired health, productivity and even survival.
[15.] Khader V and S Rama Effect of maturity on macromineral content of selected vegetables.
Macromineral status of beef cattle grazing semiarid rangelands of North Mexico.
Blood and urine have been collected from transition cows to analyse their acid-base balance (a major cause of MF), their macromineral excretion and their energy status pre-calving - a major contributor to fat mobilisation pre and post calving.
Intended for veterinarians, researchers, and others involved in animal husbandry, contributions are organized in sections on transition cow biology and management, metabolic effects of immune mediators, animal behavior and welfare, infection and infectious diseases, reproductive health, epidemiology of production diseases, alternatives to growth promoting antibiotics, macromineral metabolism, micromineral nutrition, the role of specific fatty acids, mastitis, rumen digestion and metabolism, and the application of genomics to production diseases.
If the farm or ranch purchases corn meal, soybean meal, and macromineral sources such as salt, limestone, dicalcium phosphate, and magnesium oxide separately, what remains to make the complete feed is one or more premixes.
La deficiencia de este macromineral es la causa de bajos indices productivos (McDowell et al., 1993).