macroaggregated albumin

mac·ro·ag·gre·ga·ted al·bu·min (MAA),

conglomerates of human serum albumin in a suspension; usually refers to particles 10-50 mcm in size; used as a tagged agent for lung scintigraphy.
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Caption: Figure 2: Anterior and posterior static head images of lung perfusion scan images with Tc-99m macroaggregated albumin (MAA) show focal tracer uptake noted at the region of brain (white arrows) and stomach and faint renal uptake (not shown) indicative of right-to-left shunt.
Macroaggregated albumin (shown to target lung tissue) was used as an adjuvant to help elicit systemic as well as mucosal responses.
OTCBB: EDGN), a developer of nuclear pharmaceuticals for therapeutic use in the treatment of cancer, today announced that effective immediately it is resuming clinical trials of Colloidal 32P Phosphorus and Macroaggregated Albumin (P32/MAA) in the treatment of brain cancer.