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Tropical medicine A clinical form of cutaneous leishmaniasis
Vox populi adjective noun Male
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"It signifies machoism or valour and bravery, something that our hero Abhinandan has shown the world.
The cultural resistance theme comprises elements related to patriarchy, machoism, established coping strategies, and the rationalization that health care is not needed.
His early novels (The Sporting Club, The Bushwhacked Piano) were wild excursions into ribald machoism; then, there was the dark, stripped-down middle era of Panama; and, finally, this late period of Driving the Rim, where Mcguane expands his ideas and themes in his most voluminous novel to date.
While learning of their life stories, it soon occurred to me that one of the main distinguishing features of the men compared to the rest of the prison population was that none of them displayed aggression, machoism, or tested their masculinity compared to many of the fixed termers who continually displayed their masculinity and toughness while trying to gain a respectable position within the prison pecking order.
Trading floors remain ground for machoism and excessive risk, not an environment many women would willingly enter.
The PkSF students cannot see the contradiction in reviving the conservative Pakhtun culture based on machoism and segregation of sexes, and their liberal leanings which are founded on equality, liberty and free mixing of both sexes.
In true world, a little bit of machoism could cost one's life or pulling an undue stunt would lead you to nightmarish disaster.