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Moexipril as Antihypertensive Drug after Menopause. A study which compared the efficacy and tolerability of an ACE inhibitor—moexipril—and a calcium antagonist—nitrendipine—in postmenopausal women with mild to moderate hypertension
Conclusion Adequte control of blood pressure in 80% of both groups; more adverse effects—headache, flushing, peripheral oedema—in nitredipine than moexipril—cough
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We saw him approach her; and then, ma'am, she yelled and gave a spring, and the next minute she lay smashed on the pavement.
Pray remember, ma'am, I never denied that this case was a hard one," he began.
There is no longer any occasion for uneasiness, ma'am.
Norris continued, "It is quite delightful, ma'am, to see young people so properly happy, so well suited, and so much the thing
I perceive, ma'am," said I to the stout maid, "that your master is in affluent circumstances.
Take plenty of time to compose yourself ma'am," I said.
You see, ma'am, I had a little hole in the ground--a dinky, hydraulic, one-horse outfit of a mine.
Tom don't drink and he don't growl because he has to work between meals, and when all's said and done I'm satisfied, Miss Shirley, ma'am.
You mistake my purpose, I see, ma'am,' replied Mr Nickleby, in his usual blunt fashion.
Nay, ma'am," answered she, "to be sure, I would sooner cut out my tongue than offend your ladyship.
Yes, ma'am," sighed Nancy, picking up the half-dried pitcher--now so cold it must be rinsed again.
My dear ma'am,' said Mr Chester, 'you embolden me to be plain with you.