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Moexipril as Antihypertensive Drug after Menopause. A study which compared the efficacy and tolerability of an ACE inhibitor—moexipril—and a calcium antagonist—nitrendipine—in postmenopausal women with mild to moderate hypertension
Conclusion Adequte control of blood pressure in 80% of both groups; more adverse effects—headache, flushing, peripheral oedema—in nitredipine than moexipril—cough
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Corney,' said the beadle, smiling as men smile who are conscious of superior information, 'out-of-door relief, properly managed, ma'am: is the porochial safeguard.
'I infer from what you said to your servant, that the floor above belongs to you, ma'am,' said Mr Nickleby.
"Oh, ma'am, don't, don't say that!" pleaded Louisa, faintly.
You were coming out of the Italian Opera, ma'am, in white satin and jewels, a blaze of splendour, when I hadn't a penny to buy a link to light you.'
"When you have quite done, ma'am," I said, after a long pause, "perhaps you will allow me to say a word."
Why, my girl, will you give it such liberties?"--"Nay, ma'am," answered she, "to be sure, I would sooner cut out my tongue than offend your ladyship.
'Why, yes, ma'am,' said Pancks, 'rather so lately; I have lately been round this way a good deal, owing to one thing and another.'
'Well, ma'am, she will soon be quite comfortable, I hope,' returned Mr.
"Yes, ma'am, I just see him leaning back in it, but he did not look up;--he never was a gentleman much for talking."
"This is very good of you, ma'am" said he, "very good and kind, and I know that you are a staunch friend, but for all that these papers mean money, and though we may have been in broken water lately, we are not quite in such straits as to have to signal to our friends.
"Yes, ma'am. And where shall I put the things, please, that I take out?"
'Mr Abel's feelings did credit to his nature, and credit to your nature, ma'am, and his father's nature, and human nature.