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 (mOsm) [mil″e-oz´mōl]
one thousandth (10−3) of an osmole.
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Quando a omolalidade urinaria foi analisada isoladamente como marcador de desidratacao, apenas 22,2% dos atletas apresentaram valores abaixo do ponto de corte para euidratacao (<700 proposto por Cheuvront e Sawka (2005).
Extender with osmolarity of 200 mOsm already been used successfully in sperm cryoconservation of L.
Between 22 and 24 oysters were maintained in each of four 20-gallon tanks with temperature/osmolality combinations of 25[degrees]C & 540 mOsm [18.9%[per thousand]], 25[degrees]C/910 mOsm [31.9[per thousand]], 14.5[degrees]C/540 mOsm, and 14.5[degrees]C/910 mOsm, for 3 wk prior to experimentation.
Hence, both the pH and osmolarity (pH 7.00; 300 mOsm) were controlled and established using one milliliter of phosphate-buffered solution (PBS).
Sterile laboratory cultures of Vaucheria litorea were maintained in 250 mosm ASW containing a modified F/2 medium (Bidwell and Spotte, 1985) and transferred into fresh medium bi-monthly.
(1996), midieron la osmolalidad del sudor en muestras recogidas durante el ejercicio en diferentes ambientes climaticos, y hallaron una osmolaridad de 303 mOsm en ambiente fresco y seco y 339 mOsm en condiciones calurosas y secas (62).
arenarum tadpoles (Gosner stage 26) into solutions of different osmolarities has no effect on their survival rate within a wide range, from distilled water to 204 mOsm (Ferrari et al., 1995; Ferrari, 1997).