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(lī′sŏ-sōm″) [ lyso- + -some]
An organelle that is part of the intracellular digestive system. The lysosome contains within its limiting membrane hydrolytic enzymes that break down proteins and carbohydrates. Lysosomal enzymes contribute to the digestion of pathogens phagocytized by a cell and also to the tissue damage that accompanies inflammation.
lysosomal (lī″sŏ-sōm′ăl), adjective
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"Long-lived proteins become more problematic as we age and could account for the lysosomal storage seen in Alzheimer's, an age-related disease," Julian said.
A new method for the measurement of lysosomal acid lipase in dried blood spots using the inhibitor Lalistat 2.
IntraBio's clinical programs leverage the expertise of its scientific founders from the University of Oxford and University of Munich, preeminent experts in lysosomal function and intracellular calcium signaling.
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The AMFA compound is designed to target a specific membrane lectin, the mannose 6-phosphate (M6P) receptor, a major intracellular lysosomal trafficking pathway.
This is the first study that evaluated the relationship between lysosomal exoglycosidase profile and secretory function of the parotid and submandibular glands of rats with STZ-induced diabetes.
Clinically, LAL deficiency, like other lysosomal storage disorders, can present across the age spectrum.
Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], Oct 17 ( ANI ): Emphasising on the importance of timely treatment for Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSDs), medical experts urged for concrete steps to be taken in this direction.
The literature search was done using Pubmed and Clinical trials databases using key words: "Lysosomal storage disorders", "natural course", "ethics", "cascade screening", "Thalassemia" and "cascade screening".
Newborn screening for lysosomal storage diseases (LSDs) has gained interest worldwide with the increasing availability of effective treatment options and accessible screening methods.
Enzyme stability in DBS is an important issue that has been addressed previously for 5 lysosomal enzymes (31).

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