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(lī′sŏ-sōm″) [ lyso- + -some]
An organelle that is part of the intracellular digestive system. The lysosome contains within its limiting membrane hydrolytic enzymes that break down proteins and carbohydrates. Lysosomal enzymes contribute to the digestion of pathogens phagocytized by a cell and also to the tissue damage that accompanies inflammation.
lysosomal (lī″sŏ-sōm′ăl), adjective


pertaining to or emanating from lysosomes.

lysosomal enzymes
enzymes located in the lysosomes.
lysosomal phospholipidosis
overloading of lysosomes with phospholipids as caused by the inhibition of phospholipidases by aminoglycosides.
lysosomal storage diseases
diseases in which there is a congenital or acquired deficiency of an enzyme so that one or more specific metabolic processes are not completed. As a result there is an accumulation of metabolic products in the cellular lysosomes. The histological lesion indicates the error in function but not the cause. Most of these diseases are inherited but swainsonine poisoning is caused by plant (Swainsona, Astragalus, Trachyandra spp.) poisoning. See also ceroid lipofuscinosis, glycogenosis, glycoproteinosis, lipid storage disease, mucopolysaccharidosis.
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Consider the functional significance of some of the C/Fe-exposed cells having intact lysosomal membranes and ER, whereas others did not appear to be related to the length of time of exposure: At the 4-hour sampling, both structures seemed to be morphologically intact (but with dilated ER), whereas at 24 hr, the lysosomal membranes around the agglomerates were often ruptured and there was extensive ER dilation and vacuole formation (approximately in proportion to distance away from the agglomerate).
Younkin asserts that both the lysosomal and the secretase pathways occur normally in healthy brains.
A review of the Lysosomal Storage Disorder products under development by companies and universities/research institutes based on information derived from company and industry-specific sources.
diagnosed in last eight months with the treatable Lysosomal Storage Disorders, he said mentioning that a disease was considered rare if it affected a small percentage of population.
The clinical manifestations of lysosomal storage diseases depend on the type of substrate stored, cell types affected by this storage, and resulting organ involvement.
Lysosomal storage disorders cover 60 rare syndromes, which cause poor growth, abnormally formed bones and joints and heart valve along with diffi- culty breathing.
We are immensely pleased to enter into this partnership with Shire, which leverages both companies' unique experience and expertise in developing therapies for lysosomal storage disorders.
KEY WORDS: neutral red retention assay, lysosomal membrane stability, temperature, blacklip abalone, Haliotis rubra
We will continue to leverage the potential of this strategy for development of ZFP Therapeutics for other monogenic diseases, and remain on track to file IND applications for the hemophilia B program and the first of our lysosomal storage disorder programs by the end of 2015.
Biovista will use its drug repositioning and pathway analytics capability to support Steven Laffoon and his team at Wylder Nation Foundation in the study of Niemann-Pick Disease Type A (NPA), a rare and fatal Lysosomal Storage Disorder also known as Acid Sphingomyelinase Deficiency (ASMD).

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