A hydrolase removing the single acyl group from a lysolecithin, producing glycerophosphocholine and the free fatty acid anion.
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Autotaxin has lysophospholipase D activity that converts lysophosphatidylcholine (LPC) into LPA.
[6] GAL 13 was originally identified as 16-kDa protein with lysophospholipase activity named placental protein 13 (PP13).
The lysophospholipase autotaxin and its product, lysophosphatic acid, have been shown to be increased in patients with pruritus due to cholestasis.
Another member of the family, ENPP2, also known as autotaxin, has been considered a secreted lysophospholipase D that is produced in adipocytes and is responsible for the synthesis of lysophosphatidic acid.
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The organism is rich in phospholipases and lysophospholipase essential for cytolysis of cells [40].
Among the seven members of this family, ATX is a unique enzyme that shows lysophospholipase D activity [17, 18].
Moreover, several enzymes in the [PLA.sub.2] family also catalyze the phospholipase [A.sub.1] ([PLA.sub.1]), lysophospholipase, neutral lipid lipase, or even transacylase/ acyltransferase reaction rather than or in addition to the genuine [PLA.sub.2] reaction.
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GPC/E levels are the net result of several different enzyme activities including Phospholipase A2, group IV A/B, Lysophospholipase 1/2, Phospholipase B1, Phospholipase A2G3, Phospholipase A2G10, and Phospholipase A2G12A and their regulation is difficult to interpret [19].

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