lysine decarboxylase

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ly·sine de·car·box·yl·ase

an enzyme that catalyzes the decarboxylation of l-lysine, with the production of cadaverine and CO2.
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Drug Profiles discussed in this report include AMY-101, Drug to Antagonize C5aR for Periodontitis, Drugs for Periodontitis, GM-0111, Hesed-3000, POD CRC-OHS, Small Molecules to Inhibit Lysine Decarboxylase for Periodontal Disease, Stem Cell Therapy for Osteoporosis and Periodontitis, taurolidine, trafermin.
In Escherichia coli and some other coliforms, lysine decarboxylase is encoded by cadA which participates in the decarboxylation of lysine and synthesis of cadaverine [30].
The strain was unusual because it was negative for the production of lysine decarboxylase and b-galactosidase (ortho-nitrophenol test) and positive only for stx1.
2]S - - - Gas + - - Gelatin Liquification + + + Starch Hydrolysis - - - ONPG - - - Lysine decarboxylase + + + Ornithine decarboxylase + + + Tentative identification Pseudomonas Bacillus Bacillus aeruginosa cereus cereus (St1) (St2) (St3) Isolates/Tests Iso 4 Iso 5 Gram stain - ve - ve Shape Short Rod Short Rod Endospore - - Motility + + Oxidase + + Catalase + + Urease + + Indole - + MR--VP - - Citrate + + Utilization TSI Butt A K Slant K K [H.
Key words: bacillus, aciduric, effervescence, spore-formers, lysine decarboxylase, cadaverine.
Because some strains of lysine negative Escherichia hermanii will cross react with 0157 sera; we employed the lysine decarboxylase test on candidate sorbitol nonfermenters and lactose fermenters (8): 13 x 100 mm serology tubes (VWR Scientific, San Francisco, Calif.
For example Sequences from the uidA [4], coding for GUD, gadA/B [7], coding for GAD, tna, coding for tryptophanase operon [5] and cadA, coding for lysine decarboxylase [13] are reported repetitively as applicable tools for tracing E.
It was positive for ornithine decarboxylase, gelatinase, reduction of nitrates to nitrites, tolerance to 6% NaCl, and assimilation of caprate and malate, but negative for citrate utilization, arginine dihydrolase, lysine decarboxylase, urease, indole production, assimilation of mannose, glucose, arabinose, mannitol, maltose, adipate, and acidification of glucose.
Negative reactions were observed for urea hydrolysis, arginine decarboxylase, Lysine decarboxylase, ornithine decarboxylase, [H.
2]S on triple sugar iron 0 - Voges-Proskauer 0 - Lysine decarboxylase 100 + Ornithine decarboxylase 100 + Arginine dihydrolase 0 - Glucose, acid 100 + Glucose, gas 100 + Acid from Adonitol 0 - L-arabinose 100 + Cellobiose 0 - Dulcitol 0 - Myo-inositol 0 - Lactose 3.
Enteritidis PT 6a isolates in the CDC culture collection from sources unrelated to Biorat or Ratin were positive for lysine decarboxylase.
It was methyl-red positive, Voges-Proskauer negative, ornithine decarboxylase positive, arginine dihydrolase negative, lysine decarboxylase negative, and urease (Christensen) negative.

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