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A semisynthetic ergot alkaloid.
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Chemical constituents: Contains resin convolvulin, lysergol, chanoclavine, penniclavine, elymoclavine (Khare, 2007).
Briefly, microtiter plate wells were precoated with human serum albumin to which lysergol was conjugated.
Coramine, 5-hydroxytryptamine, [alpha]-ergocryptine, ergonovine maleate, ergotamine tartarate, hordenine hemisulfate, L-tryptophan, lysergol, and N-demethyl-LSD (nor-LSD) were purchased from Sigma.
008 D-Lysergic acid, lysergic acid amide Ergotamine, dihydroergotamine Methysergide, lysergol No cross-reactivity [alpha]-Ergocryptine, ergocristine Ergocornine, N,N-dimethyltryptamine (<0.
A monoclonal antibody was previously generated to lysergol, the alcohol form of the lysergic moiety common to the ergot alkaloids.
Lysergol, lysergic acid, ergonovine, ergonovine maleate, ergovaline, ergotamine tartrate, ergocryptine, and 2-bromo-ergocryptine were tested for cross reaction in a competitive ELISA assay.