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The micro lymphocytotoxicity test was chosen to be the basis for future antigen testing, thereby allowing the various laboratories to confidently exchange sera.
Crossmatching by lymphocytotoxicity and flow cytometry.
HLA alloantibodies and the mechanism of the antiglobulin-augmented lymphocytotoxicity procedure.
The preoperative examination showed negative results on both lymphocytotoxicity and panel-reactive antibodies test.
We detected an unexpected Class II IgG complement-dependent cytotoxicity for all sera tested, enhanced by DTT treatment according to the ASHI scoring system (1 and 2 as negative, 4 as 30-49%, 6 as 50-79%, and 8 as 80-100% lysed lymphocytes (see Table 1)) and also in the B-cells negative control well (serum pool from donors which shows no cytotoxic reactions in the lymphocytotoxicity test, BioRad, CA).
Structure activity relationship of phenolic compounds (phenole, pyrocatechol and hydroquinone) on natural lymphocytotoxicity of cartpCyprinuscarpio.
The micro lymphocytotoxicity test ultimately became the international standard for tissue typing.
Analysis of a posttransfusion serum sample from the patient did not reveal the presence of any anti-HLA antibody activity, as tested by sensitive antiglobulin lymphocytotoxicity assays.[12] This method has been found to be comparable in sensitivity to the flow cytometry method.[12] Limited sample size and availability precluded the use of other comparable methods (eg, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay).
The class I HLA types are identified in the mother and at least one of the possible fathers using the conventional lymphocytotoxicity procedure with a large battery of commercially available HLA typing sera that distinguish approximately 20 different HLA-A antigens, 40 different HLA-B antigens, and 8 different HLA-C antigens.