lymphocytoma cutis

lymphocytoma cu·tis

A benign skin nodule caused by dense infiltration of the dermis by lymphocytes and histiocytes, often forming lymphoid follicles.
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Based on the clinical features and aforesaid investigations, the differential diagnoses of nodular/histoid leprosy, reticulohistiocytosis, subcutaneous sarcoidosis, cutaneous localised leishmaniasis, lymphocytoma cutis, mycosis fungoides and post kala azar dermal Leishmaniasis were considered.
Some of them include Hansen's disease- tuberculoid pole, sarcoidosis, lupus vulgaris, chronic cutaneous lupus erythematosus (tumid LE and LE profundus), granuloma faciale and pseudolymphoma (cutaneous lymphoid hyperplasia or lymphocytoma cutis and Jessner's lymphocytic infiltration of skin).
Lymphocytoma cutis, granulomatous rosacea, leishmaniasis, leprosy, syphilis and follicular mucinosis were considered in the differential diagnosis.