lymphocytic thyroiditis

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Ha·shi·mo·to thy·roi·di·tis

diffuse infiltration of the thyroid gland with lymphocytes, resulting in diffuse goiter, progressive destruction of the parenchyma and hypothyroidism.

lymphocytic thyroiditis

lymphocytic thyroiditis

Atypical subacute thyroiditis, hyperthyroiditis, lymphocytic thyroiditis with spontaneously resolving hyperthyroidism, painless thyroiditis, slient thyroiditis, subacute lymphocytic thyroiditis  Endocrinology A condition in which the thyroid is infiltrated with lymphocytes Clinical Hyperthyroidism for ≤ 3 months or less Risk factors ♀, >  age 30, current pregnancy. See Thyroiditis.


inflammation of the thyroid gland.

autoimmune thyroiditis
see lymphocytic thyroiditis (below).
Hashimoto's thyroiditis
see also hashimoto's disease, lymphocytic thyroiditis (below).
immune-mediated thyroiditis
see lymphocytic thyroiditis (below).
lymphocytic thyroiditis
progressive cellular infiltration of the thyroid gland, predominantly by lymphocytes, and replacement by fibrous tissue, resulting in hypothyroidism, associated with the presence of autoantibodies against thyroglobulin, follicular cell microsomes, and a second colloid antigen. It occurs in dogs, particularly Beagles, obese (OS) chickens, buffalo rats and primates. The disease has some similarity to Hashimoto's disease of humans.
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TgAb status at thyroidectomy should be included in cancer staging because it confers more prognostic info about persistent or recurrent differentiated thyroid cancer than does lymphocytic thyroiditis, they said.
12) A reported 40 to 80% of patients with a thyroid lymphoma had a known or presumed history of chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis.
15) showed that lymphocytic thyroiditis was a risk factor for development of thyroid cancer and spread and hematogenous metastasis of cancer (15).
The previous studies did not mention whether cases with chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis were included.
Chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, eponymically referred to as Hashimoto thyroiditis (named after Hakarum Hashimoto, who first described the disease in 1912), is an autoimmune thyroiditis that results from autoantibodies to thyroid-specific antigens.
Colloidal nodule, lymphocytic thyroiditis, nodular goiter and nodular hyperplasia were accepted as benign cytology.
Problems in the cytologic diagnosis of the cold thyroid nodules in patients with lymphocytic thyroiditis.
However, if we compare Anti-TPO antibody level between Autoimmune thyroiditis including Hashimoto's and lymphocytic thyroiditis (mean [+ or -] SD is 203 [+ or -] 262 IU/mL) with other non-neoplastic goitre including colloid goitre, adenomatoid goitre and thyrotoxic goitre (mean [+ or -] SD is 86 [+ or -] 157 IU/mL), we find Anti-TPO antibody level is significantly higher in the Autoimmune thyroiditis group (p value= 0.
Of the 100 cases, 57% cases were colloid goiter, 9% lymphocytic thyroiditis, 4% Hashimoto's thyroiditis, 6% Graves' disease, 6% follicular neoplasm, and 2% papillary carcinoma.
chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis and Hashimoto's thyroiditis), compared with only 3 of the 44 euthyroid patients (6.