lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia

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lym·pho·cyt·ic in·ter·sti·tial pneu·mo·ni·tis

a rare disease characterized by interstitial accumulation of lymphocytes in the lungs and late fibrosis; usually a result of a lymphoma, occasionally seen in AIDS, especially in children; sometimes seen as an autoimmune disorder.
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lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia

A diffuse pulmonary disease of insidious onset that is most common in middle-aged ♀, which may be accompanied by Sjögren's disease, hyper- or hypo-gammaglobulinemia Clinical Progressive SOB, cough Imaging Reticulonodular infiltrates on a plain CXR, often accompanied by Kerley 'B' lines. See Interstial pneumonia.
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Expression of bcl-2 and Epstein- Barr virus LMP1 in lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia. Thorax.
Histopathologic Features of Follicular Bronchitis/Bronchiolitis Major features Reactive lymphoid follicles present adjacent to bronchi and bronchioles Lymphoid follicles stain positively for pan B-cell markers CD20 and CD79a In some cases histologic features may overlap with LIP Secondary features Foci of organizing pneumonia Foci of obstructive pneumonia Bronchiolar intraluminal neutrophilic infiltrate Cases may be associated with lymphoid follicles in a lymphangitic distribution along interlobular septa and pleura (diffuse lymphoid hyperplasia) Abbreviation: LIP, lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia. Table 3.

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