lymphocyte transformation

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lym·pho·cyte trans·for·ma·tion

the transformation into large, blastlike forms (immunoblasts) that occurs when lymphocytes are exposed to histoincompatible antigens (mixed lymphocyte culture) or mitogens.
See also: mixed lymphocyte culture test.

lymphocyte transformation

1 the morphological changes accompanying lymphocyte activation, in which small, resting lymphocytes are transformed into large, active lymphocytes (lymphoblasts).
2 an in vitro immunity test process in which a patient's lymphocytes are placed in a culture with an antigen. The rate of transformation, in terms of proliferation and enlargement of T memory cells, is measured by the uptake of radioactive thymidine by the lymphocytes, indicating protein synthesis.
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One of the limitations of our study was that drug allergy work up (Patch test, lymphocyte transformation test etc.
Eight repeated tests were performed for each sample and after 72 h of incubation at 37C in a 5% CO2 incubator, MTT assays were performed as follows: 100 L supernatant was removed 4 h before test and 20 L MTT detecting solution was added; after 4 h of further incubation, the supernatant was removed and 150 L DMSO was added to terminate the reaction, the sample was then mixed by vibrating it horizontally and the OD570nm value was measured using an ELISA plate reader to obtain the T- lymphocyte transformation index.
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Suppression of mitogen-induced lymphocyte transformation in cigarette smokers.
Increased tendency to spontaneous in-vitro lymphocyte transformation in clinically active multiple sclerosis.
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23,24) Lymphocyte transformation and lymphocyte migration inhibition indices are elevated in some patients with Meniere's disease who are responsive to steroid therapy.
Two primary methods exist to verify a type IV hypersensitivity in patients: (1) delayed skin testing and (2) lymphocyte transformation tests (Primeau and Adkinson Jr.
Whether there was a causal relationship between the use of Kampo medication and the occurrence of liver injury was assessed according to the criteria described by Haller and Benowitz (2000), independently of the results of the lymphocyte transformation test (LTT).
Immunomodulating activities of cocaine--evaluation of lymphocyte transformation related to other immune functions.

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