lymphatic nodule

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a small node that is solid and can be detected by touch.
Albini's n's gray nodules of the size of small grains, sometimes seen on the free edges of the atrioventricular valves of infants; they are remains of fetal structures.
apple jelly n's minute, yellowish or reddish brown, translucent nodules, seen on diascopic examination of the lesions of lupus vulgaris.
Aschoff's n's Aschoff's bodies.
Gamna n's brown or yellow pigmented nodules seen in the spleen in certain cases of enlargement, such as Gamna's disease and siderotic splenomegaly.
Jeanselme's n's (juxta-articular n's) gummata of tertiary syphilis and of nonvenereal treponemal diseases, located on joint capsules, bursae, or tendon sheaths.
lymphatic nodule
2. a small dense accumulation of lymphocytes found within the cortex of a lymph node, expressing the cytogenic and defense functions of the tissue. Called also lymph or lymphatic follicle.
milker's n's hard circumscribed nodules on the hands of those who milk cows affected with cowpox.
rheumatic n's small, round or oval, mostly subcutaneous nodules made up chiefly of a mass of Aschoff's bodies and seen in rheumatic fever.
Schmorl's nodule Schmorl's node.
singer's n's vocal cord nodules.
surfer's n's hyperplastic, fibrosing granulomas occurring over bony prominences of the lower limbs and feet as a result of repeated trauma from kneeling on surfboards.
teacher's n's vocal cord nodules.
typhus n's minute nodules produced by perivascular infiltration of polymorphonuclear leukocytes and mononuclear cells in rickettsial disease; they were originally described in typhus.
nodule of vermis the part of the vermis of the cerebellum, on the ventral surface, where the inferior medullary velum attaches.
vocal n's (vocal cord n's) small white nodules appearing on the vocal cords in chorditis tuberosa with excessive use of the voice; called also singer's nodes or nodules and teacher's nodes or nodules.

lymphoid nodule

one of the spherical masses of lymphoid cells, frequently having a more lightly staining center. See: solitary lymphoid nodules, aggregated lymphoid nodules of the small intestine.

lymphatic nodule

See malpighian body, def 2.

lymphatic, lymphoid

1. pertaining to lymph or to a lymphatic vessel.
2. a lymphatic vessel.

lymphatic aplasia
causes distention of other lymphatics where lymph flow is blocked and local edema.
lymphatic ducts
the two larger vessels into which all lymphatic vessels converge. The right lymphatic duct joins the venous system at the junction of the right jugular and subclavian veins and carries lymph from the cranial right side of the body. The left lymphatic duct, or thoracic duct, enters the circulatory system at the junction of the left jugular and subclavian veins; it returns lymph from the cranial left side of the body and caudal to the diaphragm.
lymphatic enlargement
includes distention with lymph as in lymphangiectasia, or thickened as in cutaneous tuberculosis.
lymphatic flow obstruction
by local compression, congenital, segmental aplasia, lymphangitis, lymphadenitis.
lymphatic follicle
see lymph nodule; may be primary or secondary.
inherited lymphatic obstruction edema
inherited as a single recessive in Ayrshire and Hereford cattle; calves are edematous, locally or generally at birth and do not improve; the defect is in aplasia of lymph vessels and nodes.
lymphatic leukemia
see lymphatic leukemia.
lymphatic lumbar trunks
a plexus of lymphatics on the abdominal roof that drain into the cisterna chyli.
lymphatic nodule
see lymph nodule.
primary lymphatic organs
see lymphoid organs.
secondary lymphatic organs
see lymphoid organs.
lymphatic system
the lymphatic vessels and lymphoid tissue, considered collectively. See also circulatory system.
Enlarge picture
Lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes in the dog. By permission from Aspinall V, O'Reilly M, Introduction to Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology, Butterworth Heinemann, 2004
lymphatic tissue
see lymphoid tissue.
lymphatic vessel obstruction
occurs as a result of pressure from nearby tumors or other space-occupying lesions, because of hypoplasia of lymph nodes in the fetus, in extensive calcinosis, e.g. in Solanum malacoxylon poisoning and in horses not getting sufficient exercise. Called also lymphangiectasia.
lymphatic vessels
the capillaries, collecting vessels, and trunks that collect lymph from the tissues and carry it to the bloodstream; called also lymphatics.