lymphangitis carcinomatosa

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lym·phan·gi·tis car·ci·no·ma·to·'sa

extensive lymphatic permeation by tumor cells, with surrounding fibrosis, producing visible or palpable cords, especially in pleura or skin overlying a carcinoma.
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[16] PM are typically single or multiple nodules, as opposed to a miliary type of spread or lymphangitis carcinomatosa, and hence more amenable to surgical resection.
It provides the appropriate sampling particularly in the diagnosis of tuberculosis, organizing pneumonia (OP), and respiratory bronchiolitis in which the involvement of the disease is apparent in the center of or around the bronchioles and in the diagnosis of some diseases such as lymphangitis carcinomatosa and sarcoidosis which have involvement throughout the lymphatic distribution (2).
The nodular thickening associated with GGH needs special concern to rule out lymphangitis carcinomatosa (Figure.4) and further histopathological workup should be considered.
Three differential diagnoses were given by the radiologist-l) Acute respiratory distress syndrome 2) Bronchiolo-Alveolar carcinoma with lymphangitis carcinomatosa 3) Extensive pulmonary tuberculosis (FIG 2, 3).