Pertaining to, characterized by, or containing lymphangioma.
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In our study, it was also observed that three pediatric patients had an epidermal cyst, and one pediatric patient had a lymphangiomatous polyp.
Pain is considered to be a frequent atypical symptom of GSS [64], mainly because of lymphangiomatous infiltration of bones.
Tonsillar lymphangiomatous polyp is an uncommon hamartomatous lesion that generally arise from tonsillar surface, and it has rarely been reported in the medical literature [5].
Cystic changes in the bile ducts could present as ectasia, pseudocysts, or lymphangiomatous malformation [5].
It revealed multiple dilated vascular channels with flat endothelial like cells in the bone biopsies and mediastinal lesion with predominantly lymphangiomatous process (Figures 5(a) and 5(b)).
Giberson et al described persistent lymphatic drainage in a paediatric age patient after the resection of abdominal wall lymphangiomatous tumour.7 The authors successfully treated the patient with application of fibrin glue through the drainage catheter.
Some hemangiomas of the tongue have a lymphangiomatous component, hence the name hemangiolymphangiomas.
lymphangiomatous, lymphangiectatic, telangiectatic and keloidal variants among others.[5]
(7) In most patients, the lymphangiomatous process involves additional sites in a diffuse or multifocal fashion such as the liver, mediastinum, and lung, the so-called lymphangiomatosis syndrome.
Two of these patients had lymphangiomatous macroglossia (LM), 1 had lymphangioma circumscriptum (LC), and 2 had a venous malformation (VM).
Lymphangioma-like KS, also referred to as lymphangiomatous KS, contains ectatic and interanastomosing vascular channels frequently devoid of erythrocytes (Figure 3B).