lymphangioma circumscriptum

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a benign tumor composed of newly formed lymph spaces and channels. adj., adj lymphangio´matous.
lymphangioma caverno´sum (cavernous lymphangioma)
1. a deeply situated lymphangioma, composed of cavernous lymphatic spaces, and always occurring in the neck or axilla.
lymphangioma circumscrip´tum a cutaneous lymphangioma more superficial than the cavernous type, usually localized upper portion of the limbs, the axillary or inguinal folds, or the oral mucosa, especially the tongue; it consists of a grapelike group of thin-walled translucent lymph-filled vesicles that sometimes have a wartlike surface.
cystic lymphangioma (lymphangioma cys´ticum) cystic hygroma.
simple lymphangioma (lymphangioma sim´plex) one composed of small lymphatic channels that occurs subcutaneously in the head and neck region, in the axilla, and sometimes in internal organs. Superficial lesions are slightly raised or sometimes nodular; deeper lesions are sharply circumscribed, compressible, and gray to pink in color.

lym·phan·gi·o·ma cir·cum·scrip·'tum

a congenital nevoid lesion consisting of a circumscribed group of tense lymph vesicles.Synonym(s): lymphangioma simplex

lymphangioma circumscriptum

a benign skin lesion that develops from superficial hypertrophic lymph vessels. Most often occurring in children, the lesion is characteristically pigmented and may grow to several centimeters in diameter.
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Lymphangioma circumscriptum
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