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In summary, both methylene blue and nano-carbon functioned well in evaluating lymph node states in SLN biopsy, with similar detection rates and accuracies.
Among them, 194 cases had the lymph node enlargement were subjected to FNAC.
This study also compared the CI or ECE with cervical lymph node metastasis between bilateral and unilateral PTCs groups.
In the first phase, all 97 lymph node biopsies were stained and positive and negative cases were separated.
The two most commonly utilized strategies are risk factor based lymphadenectomy and sentinel lymph node evaluation.
Key clinical point: Histologic regression in melanoma is associated with a significantly lower risk of sentinel lymph node positivity.
The secondary outcomes were the total number of lymph nodes and the total number of lymph node metastases counted by both techniques.
In PPR infection variable degrees of lymphoid cell depletion may be found in mesenteric lymph node (Aruni et al.
In clinically node negative neck, lymph nodes in the neck are also treated with surgery or radiotherapy because statistical data from various studies reveal that the risk of occult cervical lymph node metastases in such cases ranges from 20% to 40%4 although in majority of the cases this aggressive treatment is totally unnecessary.
1] Malignant nodes generally show no visible hilum [1,11,14,17] The absence of an echogenic hilum owing to replacement or effacement is considered to represent diagnostic criteria of abnormality and is significantly greater in malignancies than in benign lesions [18,19] In malignant infiltration of lymph node, hilum is distorted and absent.