manual lymph drainage

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manual lymph drainage

the application of light rhythmic strokes, similar to those used in effleurage, to the skin and superficial fascia in the direction of the heart to increase the drainage of lymph from the involved structures.

man·u·al lymph drain·age

(MLD) (man'yū-ăl limf drān'ăj)
A massage technique intended to promote the absorption of interstitial fluid by stimulating flow in lymphatic channels.
Synonym(s): lymph drainage.

manual lymph drainage,

n a style of massage that stimulates circulation of lymph through the lymphatic system using light, rhythmic techniques.
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Contributors from physical therapy, oncology, rehabilitation, and other areas that deal with lymphedema set out the core principles of manual lymph drainage and complete decongestive therapy for a wide range of pathologies across the age continuum.
massage and simple lymph drainage massage with###64 patients###Descriptive-Comparative Experimental
Sister Rajkowski offers services that include therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, manual lymph drainage (lymphatic), raindrop therapy massage, healing stone massage, facials, herbal body wraps and scrubs, as well as divine anointing of the feet with 12 oils from ancient scripture.
Treatment comprises helping lymph drainage through manual massage by a trained lymphoedema nurse.
Other causes of swollen ankles include circulatory changes when pregnant, side effects of medication that cause blood vessels to dilate, fluid retention or changes in the blood fluid composition due to kidney problems or liver disease, blood clots (DVT), swelling of lymph drainage vessels, or swelling due to compression of blood vessels.
Heiser, who is certified in lymphedema therapy, manual lymph drainage and hand therapy, earned a doctorate in occupational therapy from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in Provo, Utah.
tiger clam shells to deliver a seamless massage of heat and touch and is said to be ''the world's most unique self-healing massage''; and Heaven Bee Slim Ritual (PS130) which includes face and body exfoliation, lymph drainage, detoxifying and slimming.
It is due to chronic inflammation that leads to blockade or destruction of local lymph drainage routes.
Treatment strategies for lymphedema include, but are not limited to, pressure garments, bandages, compression devices, skin care (NCI, 2015), and manual lymph drainage (National Lymphedema Network Medical Advisory Committee, 2011).
with wells, rain lymph drainage and storm water facilities;
The Ukuchina massage in one of the cabanas on the banks of the River Zambezi is perfect for lymph drainage to fight water retention.
Complications include scarring, restricted movement resulting from scarring and fibrosis in underlying tissue, conditions associated with obstructed lymph drainage, and psychosocial issues.