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tr.v. lux·ated, lux·ating, lux·ates
To put out of joint; dislocate.

lux·a′tion n.
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To loosen or dislocate the tooth from the socket.
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External inflammatory and replacement of luxated and avulsed replanted permanent incisors: a review and case presentation.
The lateral aspect of the vastus lateralis and the joint capsule were incised, and the patella was luxated laterally to expose the femoral condyles and the tibial plateau.
The attempt of repositioning of the luxated tooth after local anesthesia was administered failed because of delay of consultation.
Articular cartilage and surrounding soft tissues (i.e., tendon, ligament, or joint capsule) are injured when the hip joint is luxated, and during the reduction procedure as well as is well known, the goals of treatment for luxation of the hip are to reduce the dislocation with as little damage to the articular surface as possible and to stabilize the joint sufficiently to allow soft tissue healing, with the expectation of normal clinical function.
They reported that the child had fallen from his bed and he had injured his chin, and that his primary incisors were luxated. Their GDP advised a soft diet for a period of two weeks and after a 3-month follow-up, no further treatment or radiographic examination was suggested at that time.
Fifty-six percent of Red-throated Loons necropsied at MWVCRC had severely edematous or necrotic foot webbing and 45% had four or more fractured or luxated terminal toe joints.
Cvek, Prognosis of luxated non-vital maxillary incisors with calcium hydroxide and filled with gutta percha: a retrospective clinical study, Endod.
The patient's history did not reveal whether the teeth were luxated, intruded or extruded.
* If the pet is older or has another structural issue such as a luxated patella, pay close attention to him as he plays, as he is at greater risk for a ligament injury.