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tr.v. lux·ated, lux·ating, lux·ates
To put out of joint; dislocate.

lux·a′tion n.


To loosen or dislocate the tooth from the socket.
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Phacofragmentation with perfluorocarbon liquid and anterior chamber or scleral-fixated intraocular lens implantation for the management of luxated crystalline lenses.
The use of LDF was illustrated in cases on revascularisation and studying the prognosis of luxated teeth [Andreasen et al.
Time in Reason for presentation captivity Bird Group (a) Sex or major clinical sign(s) (days) PF01 1 female healthy orphan 195 PF02 1 male cranial trauma 55 PF03 1 male sternal trauma 169 PF05 1 male soft-tissue wing injury 469 PF06 1 male healthy orphan 50 PF07 1 male healthy orphan 50 PF04 2 male luxated proximal humerus 330 PF08 2 female fractured ulna 272 PF09 2 male soft-tissue injury 636 PF10 2 female no abnormalities found 28 PF11 2 male healthy orphan 35 PF12 2 female thin 68 PF13 2 male soft-tissue wing injury 60 PF14 2 female thin; soft-tissue trauma 150 PF15 2 male healthy orphan 101 PF04 (b) male luxated proximal humerus 56 (a) Group 1 birds were exercised using falconry techniques, and group 2 birds were exercised by stimulating flight in the aviary.
After removal of the vitreous body and posterior hyaloid by the help of triamcinolone acetonid, the luxated lens was removed by phaco fragmatome after the injection of perfluorocarbon (decaline) liquid.
This transplantation was performed as the result of a previously unsuccessful re-plantation of the avulsed incisor that was luxated at the age of 11 years.
In the case of subluxation, approximately half were splinted, while almost all extruded and laterally luxated teeth were splinted.
Luxation is followed by tooth elevation and stabilization in the proper position [Pogrel, 1995] or by forced eruption of the luxated tooth using elastics from the opposite jaw [Geiger and Brunsky, 1994].