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Previous researchers have explored the influence of love and lust on information processing and decisions.
A person who indulges in lust desires the 'form' of pleasure without the 'spirit' that translates an ordinary experience into a pleasing one.
Lust points out, "the older a dog gets, the more time there is for this condition to be expressed, although it can occur at any age.
Lust says her photos "bring out the characters of each auto with new appreciation for history, craftsmanship and technical skill of the owners who have kept them so well-preserved" over the last 50 years.
National treasures: Back row: Julianne Courtice, Victoria Lust, Lotte Erikson.
I think shooting Brokeback Mountain was like being in Eden, in heaven while shooting Lust, Caution was like going down to hell," Lee said.
According to the Gregorian order, luxuria (lechery, lust) claimed the number seven position, but "there has been a tendency in modern times to advance Lust in the order" (Fairlie 34).
Lust, Caution is set mainly in Shanghai during the Japanese occupation of the Second World War.
The garden, Lust for Life, has been named after the star's famous single.
In Jones' world, people "struggle" with their lust rather than just enjoying a good download--or so they report when talking to a Christian website.
Integrating research from psychology, sociology, criminology, and psychoanalysis, this work examines the role of dangerous sexual deviance in the development of the lust killer.