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The findings related to occurrence of LE specific features like malar rash, discoid rash and lupus profundus lesions, and LE nonspecific features like bullous lesions and Raynaud's phenomenon were found to be almost in consonance with those of Alakes Kumar Kole, et al study.
7 24 * Papulosquamous rash 11-31 22 21 * Lupus profundus 28 28 28 * TEN like lesions 26 26 26 LE NONSPECIFIC FEATURE * Noncicatricial alopecia 11-36 24.
Lupus profundus may demonstrate significant histologic overlap with several disease entities, both benign and malignant.
As the serological abnormalities are rare, the diagnosis of lupus profundus is confirmed primarily by both clinical and histologic findings.