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luo (lō),

n in traditional Chinese medicine, the networks through which qi, or the vital energy, circulates. See also jing luo.
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Elders Oyier Lago and John Okombo said the Luo community is tired of politics of destruction and should work closely with all elected leaders.
Apparently, the logic of ODM's violent protests is to produce visible victims of police torture, extra-judicial killings and political prisoners as smoking-gun proof of 'the return of authoritarianism' and Luo victimhood.
The people-to-people exchanges are going on quite well," Luo said, adding that more than 1 million people exchanged visits between China and India last year.
An Improved Luo Converter for High Voltage Applications," International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering, 4: 5.
Importantly, this back-and-forth evidences how Luo Li manipulates film form: the narrative can be disrupted, dismantled or invaded at any point, with characters and what they ostensibly subscribe to never quite as they appear.
The idolization of the Horse Spirit indicates that the animal factor outweighs the human factor in people like Luo and Lao Lan.
Consul General Luo addressed the guests at the maiden flight ceremony, congratulating Hainan Airlines on its opening of the non-stop international route between Beijing and San Jose.
Luo, who was on a four day official trip, told the ministers that Nepal should not treat those Tibetans as refugees and should send them back to Tibet.
Fei Luo, 35, from Grange View, Toome, Co Antrim, and 30-year-old Wei Fu Wang, c/o HMP Maghaberry, were both given three-year terms for a series of offences.
Izz-Eddin affirmed upon receiving the Chinese Ambassador to Khartoum, Luo Xiaoguang, Sunday Sudan keenness to enhance its relations with China all domains, calling for strategic coordination between the two countries.
Tsou, Luo, and Soulages developed a star ethylene copolymer for connecting crystals.
Weiss and Luo hypothesize that the mechanism underlying this aberrant immunity might lie in the early stages of immune cell development in the marrow.