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The mean lung volume for FVC was 2.21+-0.75, FEV1 was 2.08+-0.73, FEV1/FVC ratio was 92.9+-4.7, PEF was 231.3+-70.5 and (FEF25-75) was 2.68+-1.2 (Table-1).
However, literature review revealed no significant correlation among the age and spirometry lung volumes as shown in Table-II.
Comparison of plethysmographic and helium dilution lung volumes: which is best for COPD?
They showed 50% reduction in MVV and attributed this to decreased lung volumes, fixed thoracic cage, and loss of musculoskeletal power which are characteristics of scoliosis.
We suggest that 1-[FEV.sub.3]/FVC may be used to assess the presence of hyperinflation and air trapping, especially in settings where the lung volumes cannot be measured.
These findings in our patient are likely due to a reduction in lung volumes as a result of scarring and remodeling following recurrent infection.
In subtraction images, the local enlarged subtraction images for lesions and nodules illustrate exactly aligned lung volumes (Figures 2(a)-2(c) and 5(b)-5(c)).
The major types of pulmonary function tests include measurement of lung volume using spirometry and quantization of diffusing capacity.
Its EasyOne[R] and EasyOne Pro[R] portable instruments take up just 12 square inches of space to take lung function testing wherever it is needed, measuring DLCO, FRC, LCI, lung volumes and spirometry.
The association between lung dysfunction and overweight has been demonstrated by the reduction of FVC and other lung volumes. The compliance decrease of the thoracic wall or its inactivity, besides the expiratory reserve volume reduction, related to the abdominal fat accumulation and above the rib cage plus the increase on the endurance of the respiratory tract are aspects that can explain the fact [17-19].
Previous studies concluded that caudal tracheal traction could stabilize the UA by both reducing the extra-luminal tissue pressure and increasing longitudinal strain.[sup][10] Also, altered lung volumes may change surface tension in the airway, which could accentuate or attenuate pharyngeal collapsibility.[sup][21]
They found that both [FEV.sub.1] and FVC to be significantly reduced (in terms of percentage predicted) and the [FEV.sub.1]/FVC ratio and static lung volumes to be lower in their study, suggesting the reduction may be owing to restriction as opposed to air flow obstruction.