lung collapse

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lung collapse

Pneumothorax, see there. See Atelectasis.

lung collapse

1. Atelectasis.
2. Compression of lung caused by pneumothorax, hydrothorax, or hemothorax.


Bronchial hygiene, postural drainage, and percussion are used to assist in mucus removal for those patients with atelectasis due to mucus plugging. Bronchoscopy may also be useful in these patients. Chest tubes are inserted to drain air or fluid from the pleural cavity when present.

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lung collapse



1. a state of extreme prostration and depression, with failure of circulation.
2. abnormal falling in of the walls of a part or organ.

circulatory collapse
shock; circulatory insufficiency without congestive heart failure.
lung collapse
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Primary endpoints were the number of times the tube/ devices were successfully position at the first intubation attempt, the number of malpositions, the time required to achieve optimal position verified by FOB, oxygenation, quality of lung collapse and surgical field exposure; Secondary outcome were incidence of hoarseness of voice and incidence and severity of throat pain.
Low functional residual capacity and expiratory reserve volume contribute, respectively, to hypoventilation and poor lung collapse in OLV (26).
After lung collapse however, the endoscopic surgical access was comparable between the double-lumen tube group and the blocker groups.
We have been trying to manage it, but the recurrent lung collapses have been standing in the way.
This same process of apnoeic oxygenation as the lung collapses is the likely explanation for the improvement in [P.
December 25: The youngster's lung collapses for a third time as he lies in intensive care.
February 2004: Two and a half months after being admitted, Chris is taken to a neurological ward at the UHW, only to return to intensive care when his lung collapses again.
He had also survived three other lung collapses in the previous two years.
She had contracted meningococcal septicaemia, and spent nearly four weeks on a life support machine after suffering lung collapses and kidney failure.
Operation is a success, but when one of the rods is removed a lung collapses.