lung collapse

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lung collapse

Pneumothorax, see there. See Atelectasis.

lung collapse

1. Atelectasis.
2. Compression of lung caused by pneumothorax, hydrothorax, or hemothorax.


Bronchial hygiene, postural drainage, and percussion are used to assist in mucus removal for those patients with atelectasis due to mucus plugging. Bronchoscopy may also be useful in these patients. Chest tubes are inserted to drain air or fluid from the pleural cavity when present.

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lung collapse



1. a state of extreme prostration and depression, with failure of circulation.
2. abnormal falling in of the walls of a part or organ.

circulatory collapse
shock; circulatory insufficiency without congestive heart failure.
lung collapse
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Among our secondary endpoints, because the times for intubation, positioning and lung collapse were not normally distributed in some groups, we used Kruskal-Wallis tests (9).
Doreen and Jim were together for eight years until he died after suffering a sudden lung collapse in 2005.
He said: 'The fatty protein which exists on the surface of the lungs does not develop until four weeks before birth, so babies born prematurely have no natural defence against lung collapse.
4 pounds had a significantly shorter time on the ventilator and a lower incidence of lung collapse (pneumothorax) compared to the old method.
The fluid build-up and lung collapse has caused some discomfort in recent weeks.
4 pounds) had a significantly shorter time on the ventilator and lower incidence of lung collapse (pneumothorax) compared to IMV.
Laurence, who lives in Shetland, has, since the operation, suffered an almost fatal pneumothorax, a condition which makes the lung collapse.
The food had caused lung collapse and infection had set in.